About Ale Fernandez

Web Development, Research, Artistic Production


14 years experience as a web developer and technical researcher. Considerable experience of academic funded project work, virtual worlds, collaborative projects. Improvising musician and artist, exploring distributed participative media and creative practice. Event organiser and curator.


Web Design

Developing functional, mobile-accessible websites, internal office suites, web applications and social networking systems. Working with open source software, to w3c standards and incorporating emerging technologies. Special rates for charities, environmental or community organisations.

Alternative Housing / Communities

Working in the housing cooperative Habitatge Social I help develop ways to support alternative housing in Catalunya. I find housing for groups seeking alternative living spaces, and people for spaces needing support or help. We are building new ways of living, new ways of belonging that can help groups transition and de-grow.

Arts and Emerging Technologies

Participative arts, community practice, musical improvisation workshops, actions performances and scores. Journalistic practice and writing, documentary media, A/V sound setup for live performance or recording using open source tools. Music /sound generation, installation, physical computing, electronics programming, distributed performance.

Ale Fernandez — ale at alefernandez org uk — ++34 722 793 739