Noisy Bike Parade – September 2010

The 2010 Bristol Cycle Festival was an incredible coming together of creative uses of bikes and cycle culture to create moving, mobile art pieces. During various workshops and rehearsals, myself and the workshop leaders made experimental mechanical, electronic and musical interventions into cycling to animate this parade through Bristol on the opening day of the festival. As part of Cube Cinema, Bristol Hackspace and Dorkbot Bristol we created the “space bike” – a cheap way of modifying a bicycle to power an oscillator and speakers ranging from coffee cups to much louder creations so that it becomes a constant and mobile electronic musical instrument for group performance.

Electronic workshops|Flickr photostream of the final event

Solar Symbiot – April 2010

During 2009/2010 I created an arduino powered, auto-sufficient solar singer robot for Maker Faire 2010. This prototype uses raku clay housing, baked at extremely high temperatures for outdoor use. It gathers electrical power through a solar panel, boosts the voltage and feeds this to an arduino microprocessor which in turn plays readings on light, temperature, electromagnetic disturbances and soil moisture, in the form of granular synthesis coming from under a bell shaped bird figure. When the sun shines, it can be “played” or it can be used to play recordings, or if left to itself it will constantly sing whatever granular synthesis is in the environment around it.

Saatchi Online Page | Making of – weeks 1-2. | Weeks 3-4

Green Noise Experiment – December 2009

Participant #27 in the Green Noise Experiment

A participative installation at the Arnolfini, Bristol, UK, in which I created 3 devices capable of inducing a hypnagogic state through sensory deprivation and various shades of noise.

The devices induce relaxation and sensory distortion after as little as 5 minutes, with sonic diffraction effects (like an auditory autostereogram), dissociation from the body and coloured shapes and even some more varied or intense hallucinations in many people. The great majority found the experience pleasurable. The research and devices were then released as an open hardware project, so that more devices can be made and their effects studied.

Blog Post | Green Noise on unCraftivism | Open Hardware Project

Make a Salad – August 2009

A performance event as a culmination of the “Free Cube” ecological event series at the Cube Cinema, Bristol, adapting “Proposition No 2: Make a Salad” by Alison Knowles, to include the proposition to to an audience via radio advertising and flyering, to freely grow and contribute a salad for the performance, which was chopped and prepared in conjunction with a musical trio and video installation. The ingredients were finally gathered together and thrown from a platform on to a tarpaulin held by members of the audience, and shared to everyone.

Make a Salad posts on

Dream Machines – January 2009

An AHRC funded 2 day workshop on the intersection between game engine technologies and the arts. The youtube video is the best description of the event.

Project Report | AHRC write up

Section 4 – June 2007

My first solo installation, DVD and experimental community documentation event was on the topic of immigration, specifically looking at the experience of failed asylum seekers falling under Section 4 of the UK Asylum and Immigration Act. According to this, asylum claimants are denied many basic rights and services such as healthcare and housing. The DVD documentary examined various people living and working around these families. The installation was made of everyday belongings left behind after a real deportation, and took place at the Pierian Centre, Bristol as part of Refugee Week. A workshop then followed in which members of the public were able to discover and contribute information and opinions on the topic using information boards, laptop based information points.

Blog posts on tziteras | Original Deportation blog post | Section 4 page at the Live Archives website